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  • Pritty Skaria

Outfits of the week

Let's have our first curation for Outfits of the Week!

The inspiration is mostly monochromatic, suitable for chic city days. Most outfits are paired with a jacket to beat the cold London days. Hope you like the looks


For this look, we are pairing the blackleather skirt with a cropped elasticated white shirt. The grey wool coat is a stunning and popular coat. The black heeled boots are ankle length that should ideally go under the skirt, the black handbag is a versatile piece of accessory and the classic chain watch is an all time favourite. There are many alternatives. The loop earrings are adding another elegant attention point to the face. Also adding the essential black shades for the strong winter sun


For this look, we are pairing the blackleather mini skirt   with a striped shirt and a black vest. The gold buttons are adding a bit of bling to the black quilted jacket. The black loafers can be worn with a black tights for modesty, the black handbag is a versatile piece of accessory. The other accessories are similar to Monday's outfit


For this look, we are pairing the houndstooth pencil skirt   with a wrap over knit top and a camel wool coat. The beige heeled shoes are a closet staple, and the black handbag completes the look.


For this look, we are going for the striped jumper dress. Stripes are a staple fashion style and a jumper in stripes is always welcome in winter. An over the knee black boots and a brown wool coat complements the look perfectly. Pair with a black handbag like this and you are ready for the day


For this look, we are going for the figure hugging style with the knitted colour block top and a matching color block skirt. A black biker style jacket adds to the edge of this elegant look. The heeled black sandals are perfect for this look. Pair with a black handbag like this for an elegant and embracing look

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